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Course Outline


Course Description:

This course is an introduction to mathematical properties; exponential notation; linear equations in one variable; algebraic word problems; variables; polynomials; and the appropriate operation rules for rational numbers, whole numbers and integers; an emphasis on speaking, listening, reading, and writing in communicable mathematics terminology.


Course Content:

1)           Integers

a) Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of integers

b) Relationship of integers to the number line, inequality symbols, and absolute value

c) Exponents, square roots, and order of operations

d) Applications

2)           Linear equations in one variable

a) Introduction to variables, algebraic vocabulary, and properties of equality

b) Solving simple linear equations in one variable

c) Combining like terms

d) Applications

3)           Rational numbers

a) Basic operations with fractions

b) Complex fractions

c) Solving linear equations containing fractions

d) Applications

4)           Decimals

a) Basic operations with decimals

b) Solving linear equations containing decimals

c) Applications

5)           Percents

a) Basic operations with percents

b) Solving linear equations containing percents

c) Applications

6)           Polynomials

a) Terminology of polynomials

b) Addition, subtraction, and multiplication of polynomials

7)           Measurement

a) Unit analysis: length, area, volume, and weight

b) Converting between two systems

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