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Course Outline


Course Description:

This course provides a study of trigonometric functions, identities, trigonometric equations, periodicity, graphs of trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, solving right triangles, solving triangles using the Law of Cosines and Law of Sines, polar coordinates, and an introduction to vectors.

Course Outline:

1.           Right triangle ratios

a) Angles, degrees, and arcs

b) Similar triangles

c) Right triangle applications

2.           Trigonometric Functions

a) Definitions of the six trigonometric functions according to the right triangle, the unit circle, and the rectangular coordinate system

b) Reference angles

c) Rectangular coordinates, angles, and circular/radian measure

d) Circular functions

e) Simplification of trigonometric expressions

f) Applications

3.           Graphing trigonometric functions

a) Basic graphs

b) Amplitude, shifts, and period changes

c) Asymptotes of the graphs of trigonometric functions

4.           Identities

a) Fundamental identities and their use

b) Verifying identities

c) Sum and difference identities

d) Cofunction identities

e) Double-angle and half-angle identities

5.           Additional topics

a) Inverse trigonometric functions

b) Trigonometric equations

c) Law of sines and cosines

d) Polar coordinates and equations

e) DeMoivre's Theorem and applications

f) Introduction to vectors

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