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Why e-Scholars Network?

e-Scholars Network was born from a desire to provide an educational experience that teaches the student to learn and not simply memorize materials to be recited a few times during a school term and then forgotten. As such, the founders have assembled a team of licensed, career educators (e-Scholars) interested in making a difference in a student's life. In addition to providing learning assistance in the area of study of your choice, one-on-one virtual learning sessions are designed to focus on the student's skill of learning and in so doing correcting previously developed bad habits. Our e-Scholars will work with the student one-on-one catering to their pace, learning style and level of understanding to overcome whatever scholastic difficulties so he/she can reach their full educational potential and compete in the 21st century.  

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How does e-Scholars Network operate?

e-Scholars Network is a learning network linking qualified educators with students for virtual learning sessions utilizing all of the technology of today and tomorrow. Students are presented with a list of e-Scholars in their subject area of concern and can then choose an e-Scholar based upon their professional profile including resume and ratings from past and present clients.

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What's the minimum session time @ e-Scholars?

Our virtual learning sessions are offered in one (1) hour increments.

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How do I book an e-Scholar learning session?

Booking an e-Scholars Network learning session is as simple as clicking on the membership button to become a member, selecting a course and educator. Choose a date and time for a session, paying and you are all set. The chosen e-Scholar will reach out to the student typically within 24 hours of booking to introduce him/herself and review needs, expectations and coordinate materials for the session. 

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Can I work with the same e-Scholar again?

Yes! Just simply log in, book another session, select your desired e-Scholar, select a time, pay and you are all set.  Please note that our e-Scholars are booked on a first come, first serve basis so keep that in mind if you have specific times in mind. 

Does e-Scholars Network offer prepaid plans?
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Yes! e-Scholars Network offers both pay as you go and various prepaid discount plans. E-scholars also offers referral discounts to existing students who refer a family member or friend for new sessions.

Does e-Scholars Network use student tutors?
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No! Unlike many other tutoring sites, e-Scholars Network only networks with credentialed, licensed and insured teachers to conduct virtual learning sessions. By doing so, you can rest assured you are hiring someone who has been formally trained to teach and has years of experience teaching.

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