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"He is a wonderful math teacher. Without his help in high school I would of never been able to pass my math class in college. Thank you for teaching me a lot!"


--Rosa from San Bernardino, CA


“So selfless. I will always remember when you were my teacher (8yrs ago) and you told the whole class whenever your classroom door was open, any time at all, we were welcome in for tutoring. Great to see that has not changed! One of the greatest and brutally honest, no nonsense teachers I ever had. Thank you!”


--Oscar from Durango, CO


“You made Math so easy! No lie, you and another Math teacher I had in middle school were the only teachers I ever had that made Math fun and easy and let me tell you, I’ve had a lot of Math teachers!”


--Cindy from Fort Collins, CO


“I highly recommend e-Scholars. They made Science extremely easy to understand while I was their student!”


--Ormond  from Lynchburg, VA


“Your caring nature for your students and providing a high-quality education to everyone you work with is why I admire and appreciate you! You are the best!!”


--Briana from Fullerton, CA

“Excellent tutor! My son is back on track thanks to Brad!!! And the virtual tutoring works out great!

--Debra from Riverside, CA


“The best tutoring service we have ever used! My daughter and son are both excelling in school due to the quality of tutoring they are receiving with e-Scholars. My wife and I have peace of mind with our children’s continued success in their educational programs.”

--Bruce  from Huntington Beach, CA


“I hired e-Scholars with the goal of my son scoring well enough on the English portion of the SAT and I am forever grateful that I did! Now he is on a full-ride scholarship for football at a division II school in California.”

--Shaune from Colorado Springs, CO


“My daughter needed help with her Calculus II course, especially once the covid19 pandemic occurred. We hired e-Scholars and she has not missed a beat. She is one of the highest performing students in her class and her confidence is soaring!”

--Julie from San Diego, CA


“My son just took a test and I asked him how it went. He said that he would not have known half of what was on the test if it was not for the tutoring! This was straight from my 8th grade son’s mouth and it was after only one tutoring session of an hour in length! Money well spent!”

--David from Seattle, WA

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